Bariatric Medicine Institute

The Bariatric Medicine Institute is dedicated to the Surgical and Medical treatment of morbid obesity. Our weight loss programs provide the education and support you will need for long-term weight loss success. We help clients heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. These three components create the success triad that leads to long term weight loss success.

Board-certified surgeons Dr. Daniel Cottam, Dr. Christina Richards and Dr. Walter Medlin are specialists in gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, Duodenal Switch and revisional bariatric surgery.

These bariatric surgeries, in combination with our comprehensive program of nutritional support and counseling, fitness training and specialized weight loss fitness, support groups, and behavioral counseling provide a life changing program that will help you reduce your weight and restore your health, as well as maintain that health for the long term.

By itself, Weight Loss Surgerycan help you lose weight, but it needs to be aligned with programs and support that are comprehensive. Our talented weight management team includes services and staff to assist with nutritional guidance from our Registered Dietician, support groups taught online, exercise and movement training taught by a local Olympic athlete, and behavioral counseling that is specific to weight loss. All of these services combine to create a truly life-changing opportunity to help you reduce your weight and restore your health. To learn more about our how our team can partner with you to help you achieve your weight loss goals, contact us by calling 801-746-2885 to schedule a consultation.