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Bariatric Medicine Institute

The Bariatric Medicine Institute is dedicated to the Surgical and Medical treatment of morbid obesity. Our weight loss programs provide the education and support you will need for long-term weight loss success.

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There are many patients across the country that already have a Sleeve Gastrectomy but need to enhance their weight loss..

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Patient Stories

  • Candelaria 33lbs. Weight Loss

    Candelaria 33lbs. Weight Loss

    6 months out from a DS with Dr. Cottam, Candelaria is 33lbs down and is doing great! She walks at least 10,000 steps a day and is off her blood pressure meds. Candi is mindful of her dietary choices, and amidst her busy schedule she has started planning meals ...

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  • Jeanne 40lbs. Weight Loss

    Jeanne 40lbs. Weight Loss

    A year out from a sleeve with Dr. Richards, Jeanne is down 40lbs and is doing amazing! She works out regularly and is always up for trying new classes and activities. She makes good food choices and takes her vitamins regularly. Congrats on your all your succe...

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  • Danielle Weight Loss

    Danielle Weight Loss

    Danielle is doing great! 2 years out from a sleeve, Danielle is making mindful food choices and has increased activity! Way to go and keep up the good work!

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  • Randall 100lbs. Weight Loss

    Randall 100lbs. Weight Loss

    Randall is a year out from a DS with Dr. Cottam! He is doing amazing, down over a 100lbs with BP normal, increased activity, mindful choices and has started eating lots of fruits and veggies! Keep up all your hard work!

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  • Darol 160lb. Weight Loss

    Darol 160lb. Weight Loss

    Darol is 4 years out from a sleeve enhancement surgery with Dr. Cottam, he is killing it! 160lb loss, has created healthy habits such as good food choices and increased activity. It is always a pleasure to see you Darol, thanks for coming in!

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