Sleeve Enhancement Program

Sleeve Enhancement Program

There are many patients across the country that already have a Sleeve Gastrectomy but need to enhance their weight loss or their type 2 diabetes is not completely resolved.

Our program is designed to help those patients that cannot get help in other places across the country at a lower cost in our surgical center. We offer an enhancement to your Sleeve Gastrectomy by adding to your Sleeve what we call the D-Loop Surgery. Other surgeons refer to it as the single-anastomosis duodenal switch, also called stomach intestinal pylorus sparing surgery (SIPS).

The cost for this surgery is $9999 and includes your Hotel and ground transportation.

If you have a Gastric Bypass or other Bariatric Surgery and want to evaluate your options for upgrade surgery, you may schedule a telephone consultation. The price for Gastric Bypass patients above does not apply but we can customize a revision plan for you and determine your candidacy and costs.

To schedule a no obligation telephone consultation, call or use the contract request below.

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