BLIS Protection Program

Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah are BLIS surgeons, ( Becoming a BLIS Surgeon is a very selective process as determined exclusively by BLIS.  This means that we meet very high standards of short term outcomes and long term patient success.

As a result of our approval by BLIS, we are able to participate in an innovative new insurance coverage which allows us to make a commitment to our self-pay patients that should a covered complication occur within certain time frames following surgery, our patients are not responsible for the costs associated with the care of that complication.   ** The complication protection is exclusively part of the package price you will pay for your weight loss surgery. We are happy to provide this benefit to our patients and ease your mind and your wallet in this important decision to have a life-saving surgery.

**Other terms and conditions apply; please contact our office and review the self-pay contract for further details about this program.

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