Boosting Energy after Weight Loss Surgery

Boosting Energy after Weight Loss Surgery
Boosting Energy after Weight Loss Surgery

Boosting Energy after Weight Loss SurgeryAs the afternoon wears on and your eyelids begin to droop, it is all too easy to turn to a sugary cup of coffee or energy drink to perk you up for the second half of your day. But after weight loss surgery this is one habit that you may want to revise.

The carbonation and high sugar content of soda make this drink a poor choice for the post-bariatric diet, and having even a little bit of soda may lead to gas or an upset stomach after weight loss surgery. Coffee and tea are both diuretics, which means they can dehydrate you if you aren’t careful. Since meeting your hydration goals after weight loss surgery is already a challenge, it is a good idea to stay away from these beverages, especially at first.

So when the midday slump starts to take its toll on your productivity level, what do you do? Instead of reaching for some subpar substance to give you a temporary energy boost, consider perking yourself up with one of these natural energizing tips:

  • Start moving: A little bit of exercise can give you a nice burst of energy. Wherever you are, stand up and do a few simple stretches to get your blood moving. If you can, excuse yourself from the office for a five minute walk.
  • Drink water: Dehydration causes parts of your body to shut down, which leads to fatigue. Remember to take small sips of water regularly throughout the day.
  • Take a deep breath: Sometimes, just taking a break from your work and practicing some deep breathing techniques can increase your energy levels. Try taking long deep breaths, or for a quicker burst of energy try a minute of quick fire breathing, in which you inhale and exhale rapidly.
  • Pump up the music: Listening to calming music is great while you are trying to work. But the classical instrumental piece might act more like a lullaby when you are trying to wake up. Change the radio station and listen to something upbeat for a quick burst of energy. Your favorite workout playlist is a great resource to turn to here.

A cup of coffee or a small energy drink isn’t going to give you sustained energy to make it through the rest of your day. Instead of looking for quick escapes, find ways that you can improve your health along with your energy levels. This includes things like getting a better night of rest, focusing on getting plenty of protein in your diet and exercising regularly.