Compliments, Weight Loss and You

Compliments, Weight Loss and You
Compliments, Weight Loss and You

Compliments, Weight Loss and YouAs you lose weight after weight loss surgery, people are likely going to notice, and sometimes they will say something to that effect. This might feel a little awkward at first. After years struggling with your weight, you might be taken aback by the positive attention and kind words that come your way when the weight starts to come off.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say in response. Compliments are kind words meant to make you smile, not leave you feeling anxious or confused about what to say back. When all else fails, all you need to do is muster up a genuine “thank you,” and dot it with a smile.

However, in the moment it doesn’t always seem so simple. Getting attention like this may trigger some social anxiety, causing you to feel awkward. If this is the case, it may help you to practice giving and receiving compliments so you can feel confident when the moment arises.

Here are a few tips to handle compliments like a pro:

  • Try giving more compliments to friends and loved ones: Try giving out simple compliments to your closest friends and family members and watch how they respond to you. Tell your mom you think she looks nice today, or let your spouse know how much you enjoyed the dinner they made you. Watch how they respond to you and learn from them. Getting a feel for how others respond can help you come up with a response you are comfortable with.
  • Practice in the mirror: Look yourself in the mirror and practice saying thank you with a smile. This will help you feel more confident when given a compliment out of the blue. Remember, all you need to do is say a genuine thank you.
  • Feel confident: There are times when a compliment will really surprise you, and that is okay. You can take this small piece of kindness and let it bring a smile to your face without letting it make you feel awkward. Be confident in yourself that you deserve the compliments you are given and let the complimenter know you appreciate it.

A compliment isn’t supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, but it might. If you have had trouble with compliments, try practicing in the mirror or with people you know and care about. You may find that a bit more experience with compliments will help you feel more comfortable in situations like these.