Chelsey: 102 lbs. Weight Loss

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Chelsey: 102 lbs. Weight Loss

I have never been a skinny person in my whole life! At birth I weighed 9 lb 13.5 oz and was 24 inches long. Neither of my parents are short, skinny, or small-boned, so I just figured that I was meant to be large-boned, tall, and overweight.

Over the years, I tried rabid exercising, starving myself, Nutri-System, Phen-Fen, general dietary restrictions, South Beach, Atkins, and pretty much every formulation of the American Heart Association recommendations in my quest to lose weight. I was sent to a dietitian, but my problem was not my eating, it was my PCOS that was hurting my weight loss options.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 26, and had surgery to remove ovarian cysts. After that, I lost nearly 80 lbs in six months. The weight stayed off for nearly five years, but then it crept back on. I figured that having a hysterectomy would do the same thing to my weight that the cyst removal had. I was wrong! Not only did the weight not come off, I continued to gain more.

For me, I reached rock bottom last year while my husband was deployed for six months. During that time, my blood pressure was high enough that I was put on medications, I had chronic pain and numbness in both of my legs, I kept falling down for no reason, and was put on a CPAP for sleep apnea. Due to some of the new medications I was put on for my health conditions, my weight continued to go up and reached the highest it had ever been.

After my neurologist and primary care doctor agreed, I was referred to BMI for consideration for Gastric Bypass. I had the surgery May 3, 2011.

In the eight months since my surgery, I have lost more than 100 lbs and am still losing weight, just more slowly. Even with having a few problems along the way, I would have the surgery again in a heartbeat! I have gained my life back!

Now, I can go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, off-roading, and all of the other things my husband and I enjoy doing together. He’s had to take the seatbelt straps in on our Baja as they are now too loose and I just bounce around in the seat. I’m off my CPAP, high blood pressure pills, and pretty much everything else. It’s wonderful just having a QUALITY of life again!!!

The wonderful physicians and staff at BMI are so amazing and helpful. They gave me my life back!

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