Jessica - 140 lbs. Weight Loss

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Jessica - 140 lbs. Weight Loss

My average weight was about 165 lbs and I’m just about 5’8″. I put on weight over about 4 years until it was discovered that I was hyperinsulimic; my weight was at its highest – 297 lbs. My body produced too much insulin and no matter what I ate my blood sugar would get incredibly low. Because weight loss surgery is so successful at stopping diabetes, my doctor and I figured it might be my only option to turn off this hyperinsulinism.

Aside from the hyperinsulinism, I also had sleep apnea, knee problems, reflux, and was completely miserable! I couldn’t exercise because my blood sugar always dropped extremely low. I was exhausted! Every time I ate, even if it was pure protein, my body’s insulin would attack and I would basically be put to sleep because my blood sugar would be pushed so low.

In November 2009, I had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Cottam. I chose him based on his success rates, low complication numbers, and research experience. My weight loss journey did not go as smoothly as I had hoped—I had a number of complications which resulted in additional surgeries and hospital stays—but with all said and done, I would still go through this experience again! Even through all the complications, I knew I had a great surgeon, and I was just that one in a million patient that ended up with complications. I’m sure my body was pretty worn down and in bad shape before Dr. Cottam was able to try and help me, so I think the complications were more so because of that than of anything done at the time of surgery.

My health is now great! I will always need to supplement with vitamins, but I have great hope that will continue to improve my strength. I climbed Mount Timpanogos this year in under an hour! I am active, happy, and finally feel like myself again. So now I just have to continue with my supplements, stay on real foods, and rebuild my strength with the help of the BMI trainer. Thank you to Dr. Cottam and all the staff at BMI. You saved my life and I will be forever grateful!

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