Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

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Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

I had Lap Band Surgery with Dr. Cottam in 2009 and my experience has been more than I dared to hope for! For me, mental and physical health are tied tightly together. My Lap Band has been an important tool in helping me make the health changes I needed to make in my life. From a physical health standpoint, I no longer have metabolic syndrome. I am out almost four years and I just recently hit my lowest post-surgical weight: 155 lbs! I started at 300 lbs, so I have lost a total of 145 lbs!

One of the best things about weight loss is obviously being physically healthy, but I’ve also had profound psychological changes that have come along, with one being that I AM NOT AFRAID OF FOOD! I don’t think I can explain how free I feel. I enjoy food more than I ever have in my life… I just don’t eat as much of it, and get a satisfaction out of it that I never, ever received, even when I was at my highest weight.

Also, an equally important reason I wanted to lose weight was because I felt it would help me in my career. I had read articles that suggest that overweight women earn less and are promoted less than thinner counterparts. I simply didn’t have the physical stamina or psychological confidence to pursue my dreams at 300 lbs. Now I feel terrific on both the inside and outside, and I have what I felt I needed inside of me in order to meet my professional goals, and am right on track.

My Lap Band is still effective almost four years after surgery and maintaining has not been too difficult. Recently, I was successful in losing the last 20 lbs to reach my goal weight. The process has been challenging but more than worth the effort. I appreciate Dr. Cottam for his skill and expertise. He guided me in my decision making process and is recognized as a fabulous surgeon within his specialty. Thanks to the help I have received through weight loss surgery I have lost weight for physical health, and just as importantly, gained improved mental health and a more fulfilled life!

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