Nancy - 72 lb. Weight Loss

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Nancy - 72 lb. Weight Loss

I have struggled with weight issues ever since my high school days. If I stayed active enough I could stay within my normal weight range, but once I got married and started having children it became harder and harder to keep weight off. As I aged I developed Thyroid issues and my weight continued to go up. I would try dieting and lose some weight, but end up gaining it all back after I stopped.

When I turned 50 my health started to really take a turn, my weight was getting higher and I had to have a complete hysterectomy. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and incontinence crept up on me. Due to my obesity, I blew out two discs in my back. My doctor kept telling me that I was a walking stroke waiting to happen. I knew I was in trouble with my health, but I was indecisive as to whether or not I should have weight loss surgery. It took me two years to make up my mind.

I had my Gastric Bypass Surgery on January 31, 2011. I lost 72 lbs, I’m at a healthy BMI and I plan to stay there! With the weight I have lost, I have been able to get off of all of my medications, except for my thyroid meds and estrogen. I am active at the gym and go regularly.

Not only do I feel so much better, I’m feeling stronger too. Stronger physically as well as mentally! Most people will say, “Oh, you took the easy way out!” No, I made a lifesaving choice! I’m not saying it’s easy after the weight is off, because you will still have to work at it. But surgery has given me the self-control to make healthy decisions without feeling I’m missing out on anything!

This is a life changing decision to make but it is the best life change because you get your life back to live! The only thing I regret was waiting two years to make my decision!

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