Nicole - 130 lbs. Weight Loss

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Nicole - 130 lbs. Weight Loss


I’ve struggled with being overweight all of my life. I’ve tried all the fad diets, weight loss clinics, pills, etc. All it ever did was result in yo-yo dieting with weight gain as the end result. Finally, when I reached 290 pounds, I decided to try weight loss surgery for a permanent fix. I chose the lap band procedure because it is less invasive and reversible if necessary. I now weigh 160 pounds and have kept it off for over two years.

I can’t say it was easy but it was a lot easier than going at the diets alone. I never thought I would get the weight off, but the first year I lost 90 pounds and the second year another 40 pounds. I have been able to get off the high cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, and eliminated the oral diabetic medication I was on for insulin resistance due to obesity.

I’m Type 1 diabetic; insulin dependent. I was worried that the surgery would cause problems with my diabetes, but it has only improved my blood sugar control and reduced the amount of insulin I have to take.

Weight loss surgery is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I’m happier, healthier and more physically active. Although I eat a lot of protein, I can eat pretty much what I want, just in smaller portions, while keeping full, and I’ve kept the weight off! I would recommend the lap band surgery to anyone struggling with their weight. It has changed my life! Good luck with your weight loss journey!

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