Nicole - 135 lbs. Weight Loss

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Nicole - 135 lbs. Weight Loss

I was always athletic and fit throughout high school and the first few years of college, playing multiple sports and spending at least an hour every day in the gym. My third year of college, I was in an unhappy relationship and struggling in school and with life in general. This is when I started gaining weight. I was overweight when I started working night shifts as an RN and over the years the crazy shifts and long hours caused me to gain even more weight as my diet was awful and I never wanted to exercise or do anything active. I ignored my weight and made excuses for almost 10 years as I gained some and lost some.

Last winter, I went to Zion National Park with my family and found that I could barely walk the trail to the Emerald Pools, which was one of my favorite hikes back when I was active and fit. I also realized I was getting to the point that the only things that fit me were sweats and baggy t-shirts. I was pre-diabetic, had migraine headaches, high blood pressure, pre-colon cancer, high cholesterol, and hypothyroidism. My father had had a heart attack in his 40′s, and both his parents had died of heart disease.

I researched my options and felt comfortable with the gastric sleeve procedure. I had patients and friends alike that had seen Dr. Richards and had great results, so I knew she came highly recommended. I had my surgery on May 22, 2012. I have since then lost 135 pounds. I went from a size 24 to an 8, and wear size medium in my nursing scrubs, a size I haven’t been in since I was 21. I own three malamutes and can go long distances with them and no longer have to stop every 100 yards when I snowshoe. My blood pressure is now 118/78 and I am off of all medications except for my thyroid supplement and multivitamins. At my yearly check-up my doctor told me my cholesterol was “beautiful.”

My husband and I have since relocated to the northeastern tip of Vermont, where a large portion of the population is obese. My experience helps me give them guidance and assurance that they can be fit and healthy again. The surgery is only the stepping stone to your success. You have to want to change your lifestyle and dedicate yourself to your own health, but it’s worth it!

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