Sean: 327 lb Weight Loss

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Sean: 327 lb Weight Loss

I, like many people, have fought with my weight for my entire life.

At my highest weight, due to years of lying in bed from a back injury, my weight had climbed to 626 pounds. It came on slowly and I didn’t even realize how big I was until the doctors couldn’t weigh me anymore. I was not about to lie in bed and die because of my weight problem. During this time I was accepted to Law school, something I had always dreamed of doing, only to realize that I couldn’t get out of bed and walk 10 feet without a cane, so how would I be able to take the rigors of law school? I basically had to put my entire life on hold, never knowing if I would ever be able to fulfill my dreams.

On the morning of surgery, I weighed right around 597 pounds. I was told if I followed the diet plan and ate as instructed, that I could lose a significant amount of my excess weight over the first few years. Roughly 17 months after surgery, I weigh around 270 lbs.

There’s no question about it. The gastric bypass, Dr. Cottam, and his team gave me my life back. Although my back problems still exist I have cut my medications out completely. I no longer need them, just as I no longer need the assistance of a cane to walk. Also, within 6 months of surgery, I moved from the West Coast to Michigan and I completed my first year of Law School. None of this would have been possible without the surgery to give me the help that I needed to get my life back!

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