Living Healthier on a Budget

Living Healthier on a Budget
Living Healthier on a Budget

Surgery candidates for a gastric sleeve in Salt Lake City will often benefit from making healthier lifestyle choices. Healthy food and medical choices can be budget friendly and help you live a better life.

Here are a few tips to help you make healthier choices while sticking to a budget:

  • Purchase locally grown food. Seasonally fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and meats cost less than foods that must be shipped across the country or from overseas. Picked at the peak of freshness, you consume whole foods high in nutrients and flavor while saving money.
  • Eat healthier sweet treats. In baked goods, substitute inexpensive soy flour for traditional white flour. White flour contains no beneficial nutrients. Soy flour contains protein, fiber and zero sodium. You can also substitute sugar alternatives in place of white, processed sugar. Try Stevia and Xylitol from the baked goods aisle in your local grocery store. Add nutritional value to your diet without altering the taste of your favorite desserts.
  • Add flavor to your food by cultivating a green thumb. Fresh, homegrown herbs last longer than expensive cut herbs from the market. Added to sweet and savory dishes, fresh herbs serve as healthy alternatives to high sodium flavor additives.
  • Exercise on a budget and meet your weight loss and fitness goals. Instead of joining a pricey gym, borrow free exercise videos from the library. Walk regularly with a friend or find free classes held at local parks. Save money and move more.

These tips increase health and wellness for gastric sleeve patients in Salt Lake City, and anyone with a limited budget. Eat nutritious meals, exercise your body, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with these budget friendly health tips.