Lose Weight in the Air

Lose Weight in the Air
Lose Weight in the Air

Lose Weight in the AirWeight loss surgery patients, get ready to turn your fitness routine upside down (literally)! If you’re tired of your routine trip to the gym to walk on the treadmill or pedal on the stationary bike for 30 minutes, then it may be time to branch and check out what other fun unconventional fitness opportunities Salt Lake City has to offer.

These exercises are not for patients who have recently undergone weight loss surgery and should only be performed with your weight loss surgeon’s consent. However, if you have been working towards your weight loss goal for quite some time and are searching for some fun ways to spice up your workout routine, then these high-flying fitness ideas may be right for you.

Trampoline Fitness—Childlike Behavior Permitted

Have you ever looked at your children and wondered why they get so much joy out of running around the playground with friends? That’s because they aren’t focused on how many calories they’re burning or steps they’re taking—they’re just focused on fun. You can have fun and act like a kid again while getting in an excellent workout with trampoline fitness.

Trampoline fitness is a new and unconventional activity that boosts your heart rate and helps improve balance. Just 45 minutes alone at a trampoline fitness class can burn between 300 to 700 calories, depending on how much effort you put in.

Trampoline fitness is similar to taking a dance class but you perform on a trampoline instead of the dance floor. If you suffer from joint aches and pains, trampoline fitness is a great source of exercise that takes the pressure off joints and knees.

Antigravity or Aerial Yoga—Lose Weight Upside Down

You may not be practicing for Cirque du Soleil but you will definitely be burning some calories as you hang upside down during an aerial or suspension yoga class. This type of yoga incorporates techniques not only from aerial dance but acrobatics, yoga and calisthenics as well for a unique full body workout.

Not only will this upside down form of fitness help tone your muscles—experts say as you go upside down your nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems will be refreshed as toxins are flushed out and more oxygen flows to your brain. Also, these movements trigger the release of serotonin or your body’s happy hormone.

If you attend an aerial yoga class you’ll likely see a nine-foot long silk drapery hanging like a hammock from the ceiling. These hammocks are securely fastened to ceiling and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. Avid antigravity yoga participants say this type of yoga helps them lose weight while building lean muscle mass.

Aerial yoga is not for people who have had recent surgery, are pregnant, have glaucoma or heart disease.

These are just some unconventional and fun ways to add a little variety to your fitness routine after having weight loss surgery. However, it is important you speak with your weight loss surgeon to get clearance before checking out any of these classes.