Starting a Healthy Workout Routine

Starting a Healthy Workout Routine
Starting a Healthy Workout Routine

Starting a Healthy Workout RoutineStarting an exercise program in the months following weight loss surgery is recommended to help you build strength and tone muscle as you lose weight. Regular activity is associated with many health benefits, including encouraged weight loss, long-term weight maintenance and reduced risk of disease.

By exercising regularly, you can:

  • Tone and develop muscle
  • Improve blood circulation and heart health
  • Reduce risk of mental illness like depression
  • Increase strength and balance

Understanding benefits like these can help you remain motivated to exercise as you create a workout schedule. Before you start any fitness routine, talk with your weight loss surgeon to ensure you are ready for the challenge.

The First Steps

Do you remember the old story of Goldilocks and the three bears? That first bowl of porridge was too hot, and the second was too cold. The third bowl was somewhere in the middle, and it was just right for her.

As we learned in the familiar fable goldilocks and the three bears, making choices that are “just right” for us is important. Take on an activity that is too intense, and you’ll increase your risk of injury, as well as your likelihood of becoming frustrated with the challenge of the workout. Attempt an activity that is too simple, and you won’t get the physical benefits you want, and you may grow bored.

The perfect workout for you is somewhere right in the middle. To find it, consider activities that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels. These include:

  • Walking
  • Bike riding
  • Swimming
  • Light weight lifting

Following weight loss surgery, ease into exercise gradually. You’ll be able to start walking short distances just days after your operation. After several months, taking a brisk walk around the block may be a good option for you. As you continue working out, you can determine how fast and how far you are comfortable walking, and when you may be ready to consider other workout options.

Ease into exercise and find activities that you enjoy, such as hiking or golfing. As you develop a workout plan, do your best to stay realistic. Pushing yourself too far or too fast won’t help you reach your weight loss goal.