Strength Training Exercise for Beginners

Strength Training Exercise for Beginners
Strength Training Exercise for Beginners

Strength Training Exercise for BeginnersStrength training is a fundamental fitness method that uses basic movements to target certain muscle groups. Weight training activities may use equipment, such as weight lifting with basic hand weights, or can be completed using body weight alone. Resistance bands can also be used to replace hand weights, providing a convenient workout opportunity.

While some people regard weight lifting as an activity reserved for athletes, this is not the case. Just as most cardiovascular activities can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels, weight training activities are a great resource for those who are just starting with an exercise program. Following weight loss surgery, weight training activities may help you tone muscle and develop strength, improving your fitness level over time.

Developing a Weight Training Routine

After weight loss surgery, do not attempt to start a weight lifting routine too soon. Your body requires time to heal, and engaging in any activity that is too intense may result in injury. Speak with your weight loss surgeon before starting any new workout.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Loose-fitting clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Hand weights or resistance bands
  • Exercise mat
  • Water

Weight training activities are highly methodical, so you’ll need to learn proper form of any new techniques before you get started. When you start a walking routine, you begin engaging more often in an activity you’ve already learned how to do. The same often goes for swimming and cycling. Rather than learning a new activity, your task is to find ways to engage in it more often and at a higher intensity level.

For most people, weight training activities are new. This means you have to start with the basics. Each weight training exercise targets particular muscles. Having proper form is essential to working your muscles in the right way. You can learn proper form by looking at pictures online, watching videos or by working with a personal trainer.

Good weight training activities to start with include:

  • Bicep curls
  • Standing rows
  • Knee extension
  • Standing triceps extension

Each of these activities can be done with a light hand weight, a resistance band or with no added weight at all. Try to avoid any activity that requires you to bend repeatedly or lower your head beneath your chest. This may cause pressure on the abdomen, and in some cases can result in acid reflux.

When you start a new activity like weight training, do so with caution. Make sure that you have the right equipment and that you are taking small sips of water frequently to stay hydrated. Weight training can be easily incorporated into any fitness routine after you’ve healed from weight loss surgery. Start your workout with a short walk or other aerobic warm up so that your muscles are ready to engage in strength-building activity.