Tips to Create an Exercise Schedule

Tips to Create an Exercise Schedule
Tips to Create an Exercise Schedule

Tips to Create an Exercise ScheduleCreate an exercise schedule that will fit your lifestyle after weight loss surgery.

For many people, the intention to exercise daily is there, but it doesn’t always happen. Weight loss surgery improves your ability to lose weight, and pushing yourself with healthy habits like regular exercise will help you throughout that process.

Creating an exercise schedule improves your chances of meeting your fitness goals by setting you up for success with a strong plan of action. A good exercise schedule:

  • Provides definition to how you plan to workout
  • Creates a time allotment for when you are going to workout
  • Sets a definite plan into place that might include a workout buddy, a location and the duration of time you plan to exercise for

A well-developed exercise schedule will make it easier to stick to your plans, providing you with set guidelines that you can follow as you focus on improving your health.

Here are a few tips for creating a strong exercise schedule:

  • Make it specific: Set days and times that you are going to work out and have that workout session pre-defined. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sign up for fitness classes. For example, you can commit to going to an aerobics class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.
  • Make it enjoyable: If you don’t like treadmills then don’t create a workout plan around using one. Find activities that you enjoy and work those into your lifestyle. Explore different activities like aerobics classes, strength training and team sports.
  • Make it social: If you have trouble keeping the commitments you make to yourself, then make them to a friend instead. Set up a time that works for you and a friend and meet at the gym to exercise together.
  • Make it gradual: Don’t jump into too much, too quickly. Start small and work your way up as your fitness level improves. This might mean starting with a walking routine and gradually starting to walk faster or even jog as time moves on.

The best fitness plan is the one you will stick to. Create a workout schedule that works with your likes and lifestyle needs. Before you get started with any new activities check with your weight loss surgeon to ensure you are ready for the physical challenge.