• Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery

    Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery

    Exercise is recommended to almost everyone. Whether it be to lose weight or to stay toned, exercise is an important and beneficial part of our overall wellness. Although exercise is a positive activity for anyone trying to make permanent lifestyle changes, there are situations when you should consult with a doctor before engaging in physical activity.

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  • Don't Feed Your Feelings!

    Don't Feed Your Feelings!

    Emotional eating is a habit that leads many of us to weight gain. It's a form of overeating that causes us to search for snacks when we aren't physically hungry, using them to appease our emotions instead of our rumbling stomachs. At the end of the day, the extra calories of these snacking habits can add up significantly, slowing down weight loss after surgery.

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  • Fitness without Joint Pain

    Fitness without Joint Pain

    Losing weight can reduce joint pain by taking pressure off the joints and reducing inflammation in the body, but exercise is an integral component of weight loss. Though this can seem like a catch-22 for those with joint pain who are trying to lose weight, there are some forms of exercise that can relieve joint pain and help you lose weight in the process.

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  • Dealing with Anxiety after Bariatric Surgery

    Dealing with Anxiety after Bariatric Surgery

    Anxiety lurks around every corner, but this is especially true in the days and weeks leading up to bariatric surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fears and uncertainties abound as you work hard to prepare for your surgical date. Weight loss surgery is a life-changing experience, so there is no surprise it can cause anxiety's the trouble comes when you find yourself unable to properly cope with those anxieties. If that happens, it can impede your weight loss progress.

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  • Weight Loss following Bariatric Surgery

    Weight Loss following Bariatric Surgery

    Many people see formerly obese people a few months after they have had weight loss surgery and believe that the procedure must be something akin to magic. However, even though bariatric surgery can make a big difference in someone’s weight loss success, there are still many other considerations that need to be made in order to assure that a patient will lose weight.

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  • Exercising Before and After Bariatric Surgery

    Exercising Before and After Bariatric Surgery

    Adding regular physical activity is incredibly important for successful weight loss both before and after bariatric surgery. You should begin adding exercise to your daily routine before your weight loss surgery, and keep it up afterward. A recent study showed that those who pursue an exercise program lose an average of 13 pounds more than those who do not.

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  • Diet before Bariatric Surgery

    Diet before Bariatric Surgery

    Your diet in the weeks and months before bariatric surgery may change as much as your diet afterward. Depending on your current weight and the procedure that you are seeking, your doctor may want you to lose up to 8% of your current body weight before your weight loss surgery. The weight loss before surgery can help protect against surgical complications.

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