• Walking With Weight Loss Surgery

    Walking With Weight Loss Surgery

    As long as you've got two feet, walking is as simple as putting one in front of the other, right? While this might be how it starts, walking is about much more than just getting from point A to point B. As most people who have had weight loss surgery in Salt Lake City can tell you, walking becomes more than just a basic movement when you are trying to lose weight it is also a valuable form of exercise.

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  • DJ Your Way to Weight Loss

    DJ Your Way to Weight Loss

    Take a moment to think about one your favorite songs. If it helps, you can even play one now but focus on the way it makes you feel, the emotions and memories it conjures up. Is it a happy song, a sad song, a fast song, a slow song? Does it get your toes tapping, your heart racing and your blood pumping, or is it pushing you more towards melancholy or introspection?

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  • Dance for Weight Loss Inspiration

    Dance for Weight Loss Inspiration

    Whether you had gastric band, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Salt Lake City, one thing is for certain: you are probably trying to figure out ways to increase your physical activity without heading to the dreaded treadmill. There are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up, your feet moving and your body sweating without giving into mundane exercises—take dancing, for example.

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  • Lose Weight Rowing in Salt Lake

    Lose Weight Rowing in Salt Lake

    Rowing is touted for its superiority as a sophisticated sport at many Ivy League institutions, but the mental and physical exercise benefits of rowing are often overlooked outside of college campuses. Things are beginning to change as more indoor rowing workshops are surfacing all over the country. You don't have to necessarily go out on the water to reap the weight loss benefits of rowing's full body workout. You can use a rowing machine instead!

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  • Stay Fit and Cool with Water Aerobics

    Stay Fit and Cool with Water Aerobics

    You've finally recovered from your duodenal switch, and Salt Lake City's temperature is rising each minute as summer quickly approaches. Staying active is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle after your bariatric surgery, but the summer months can make it almost unbearable to get outside and exercise. Beat the heat and head to an accessible pool for some water aerobics that can help you get fit and stay cool this summer!

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  • Don't Fall Off the Fitness Plateau

    Don't Fall Off the Fitness Plateau

    After recovering from weight loss surgery such as LAP-BAND, gastric bypass or duodenal switch in Salt Lake City, fitness will become an important part of your daily life. You'll need to start very slowly and cautiously, of course, to build up your strength after surgery, but once you're able to take on more strenuous activities, you're likely to find an exercise routine that works well for you. But what do you do when your progress with a tried and true routine appears to stall?

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  • Starting an Exercise Program

    Starting an Exercise Program

    Following weight loss surgery with a gastric band in Utah, it is important to develop an exercise strategy that will help you lose weight and get into fantastic shape. In order to stay on track, make sure that you choose an activity that you enjoy and will want to stick with. Loving your exercise will help you to keep up with your program and reach your fitness goals.

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  • Fitness 101: Stability Ball Workout Tips

    Fitness 101: Stability Ball Workout Tips

    With all of the workout fads being featured in the media, it's hard to know what really works and what does not. If you're faced with a busy schedule, or you're looking for a routine you can do at home, then a stability ball is one piece of equipment that may be able to help you reach your daily fitness goals. The stability ball focuses on exercises that stretch and tone the entire core, back and front. It's also a great compliment to patients who have gotten a gastric band in Utah, because of its versatility and portability.

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  • Winter Workout Tips

    Winter Workout Tips

    Every year millions of people across the country make the New Year's resolution to lose weight and exercise more. While that is and always has been a great resolution, many people run into a problem with the fact that they make this resolution in the middle of winter. January is one of the coldest months of the year for much of the country, and many people are reluctant to go outside and begin a new exercise plan in cold weather.

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  • Benefits of a Morning Workout

    Benefits of a Morning Workout

    After having weight loss surgery like the lap band operation it is important to fit exercise into your daily routine. If you struggle to squeeze in exercise due to your busy schedule, a morning exercise routine may help you hit your daily calorie burn. After a long day at work, it’s all too easy to use exhaustion, working late or family commitments as an excuse to skip the gym. Studies also show that exercising in the morning helps you sleep better at night and naturally relieves stress by giving exercisers the opportunity to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Plus, a morning workout helps you make positive food choices throughout the day. When you wake up early to burn off calories, it’s a lot easier to say no to donuts and junk food!

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