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  • Nicole - 135 lbs. Weight Loss

    Nicole - 135 lbs. Weight Loss

    I was always athletic and fit throughout high school and the first few years of college, playing multiple sports and spending at least an hour every day in the gym. My third year of college, I was in an unhappy relationship and struggling in school and with life in general. This is when I started gaining weight. I was overweight when I started working night shifts as an RN and over the years the crazy shifts and long hours caused me to gain even more weight as my diet was awful and I never wanted to exercise or do anything active. I ignored my weight and made excuses for almost 10 years as I gained some and lost some.

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  • Rachel - 120 lbs. Weight Loss

    Rachel - 120 lbs. Weight Loss

    I am so happy that I had a gastric bypass. If I had to go back I would do it again in a heartbeat! This was a life changing experience and I am so grateful that I did it! I have lost over 120 pounds and I will never go back to my old lifestyle. I love working with the team at BMI and I know I made the right decision to have my surgery with them.

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  • Jessica - 140 lbs. Weight Loss

    Jessica - 140 lbs. Weight Loss

    My average weight was about 165 lbs and I’m just about 5’8″. I put on weight over about 4 years until it was discovered that I was hyperinsulimic; my weight was at its highest – 297 lbs. My body produced too much insulin and no matter what I ate my blood sugar would get incredibly low. Because weight loss surgery is so successful at stopping diabetes, my doctor and I figured it might be my only option to turn off this hyperinsulinism.

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  • Beverly - 143 lbs. Weight Loss

    Beverly - 143 lbs. Weight Loss

    It took learning I had type 2 diabetes to force me into seriously considering weight loss surgery. Like many of you, I had tried everything: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, low-carb and low-fat to name a few. If I had a dollar for every pound I have gained and lost in my lifetime, I’d be rich! It was while visiting my hand surgeon that I was told, “You are still a relatively young woman. You have years ahead of you. I tell you this because I care about you.

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  • Jeannie - 240 lbs. Weight Loss

    Jeannie - 240 lbs. Weight Loss

    I have been overweight my whole life. At my high school graduation I weighed around 250 lbs. I had been in the medical field enough to know how damaging this was to my health, but every diet or exercise program I tried resulted in weight gain after I failed to see any results and quit.

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  • Regina - 101 lbs. Weight Loss

    Regina - 101 lbs. Weight Loss

    I had been overweight all my life….well, since I was 1 year old. The ironic thing was out of the four kids in my family, I had the smallest birth weight! I went on my first diet at the tender age of 6. I didn’t know it was a diet aid I was taking, just a special treat that I got to take with my mom. It didn’t help me, but I stayed active doing cheerleading, walking, volleyball, gymnastics, dance and anything else my parents could think of.

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  • Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

    Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

    I had Lap Band Surgery with Dr. Cottam in 2009 and my experience has been more than I dared to hope for! For me, mental and physical health are tied tightly together. My Lap Band has been an important tool in helping me make the health changes I needed to make in my life. From a physical health standpoint, I no longer have metabolic syndrome. I am out almost four years and I just recently hit my lowest post-surgical weight: 155 lbs! I started at 300 lbs, so I have lost a total of 145 lbs!

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  • Cerie - 170 lbs. Weight Loss

    Cerie - 170 lbs. Weight Loss

    After struggling for years with diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression, I made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I had Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr. Cottam in January 2011 and my whole life has changed. I have since lost 170 pounds and am still losing! When I wake up in the morning, I can’t believe the new me! I feel great! I feel 100% better about myself from the inside and outside. I am so thankful I found Dr. Cottam and the Bariatric Medicine Institute. I have struggled with my weight all my life, and this is the end of the battle. I win!

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  • Krista - 160 lbs. Weight Loss

    Krista - 160 lbs. Weight Loss

    I was the chubby kid at age 8. By 12 I was pleasantly plump. When I was 18, I had womanly curves. I had a word for every size but what it was—unhealthy. I met my amazing husband when I was 22, 270 lbs., dress size 20. After getting married, I gained “happy fat” by going out to eat, staying home to watch movies, and not caring because I didn’t have to impress him anymore. One day I woke up and was 360 lbs. and squeezing into a size 26.

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  • Maline - 107 lbs. Weight Loss

    Maline - 107 lbs. Weight Loss

    In March 2005, my fiancée passed away from acute pancreatitis. This experience was very traumatic for me and I became very depressed and reclusive, only leaving my home to go to work. I gained approximately 140 lbs. I was no longer the person I used to be and didn’t like who I had become. Through the support of my family and mental health physicians, I decided to seek out surgical help for my weight.

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