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  • Beverly - 143 lbs. Weight Loss

    Beverly - 143 lbs. Weight Loss

    It took learning I had type 2 diabetes to force me into seriously considering weight loss surgery. Like many of you, I had tried everything: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, low-carb and low-fat to name a few. If I had a dollar for every pound I have gained and lost in my lifetime, I’d be rich! It was while visiting my hand surgeon that I was told, “You are still a relatively young woman. You have years ahead of you. I tell you this because I care about you.

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  • Jeannie - 240 lbs. Weight Loss

    Jeannie - 240 lbs. Weight Loss

    I have been overweight my whole life. At my high school graduation I weighed around 250 lbs. I had been in the medical field enough to know how damaging this was to my health, but every diet or exercise program I tried resulted in weight gain after I failed to see any results and quit.

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  • Regina - 101 lbs. Weight Loss

    Regina - 101 lbs. Weight Loss

    I had been overweight all my life….well, since I was 1 year old. The ironic thing was out of the four kids in my family, I had the smallest birth weight! I went on my first diet at the tender age of 6. I didn’t know it was a diet aid I was taking, just a special treat that I got to take with my mom. It didn’t help me, but I stayed active doing cheerleading, walking, volleyball, gymnastics, dance and anything else my parents could think of.

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  • Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

    Lara - 145 lbs. Weight Loss

    I had Lap Band Surgery with Dr. Cottam in 2009 and my experience has been more than I dared to hope for! For me, mental and physical health are tied tightly together. My Lap Band has been an important tool in helping me make the health changes I needed to make in my life. From a physical health standpoint, I no longer have metabolic syndrome. I am out almost four years and I just recently hit my lowest post-surgical weight: 155 lbs! I started at 300 lbs, so I have lost a total of 145 lbs!

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  • Cerie - 170 lbs. Weight Loss

    Cerie - 170 lbs. Weight Loss

    After struggling for years with diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression, I made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I had Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr. Cottam in January 2011 and my whole life has changed. I have since lost 170 pounds and am still losing! When I wake up in the morning, I can’t believe the new me! I feel great! I feel 100% better about myself from the inside and outside. I am so thankful I found Dr. Cottam and the Bariatric Medicine Institute. I have struggled with my weight all my life, and this is the end of the battle. I win!

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  • Krista - 160 lbs. Weight Loss

    Krista - 160 lbs. Weight Loss

    I was the chubby kid at age 8. By 12 I was pleasantly plump. When I was 18, I had womanly curves. I had a word for every size but what it was—unhealthy. I met my amazing husband when I was 22, 270 lbs., dress size 20. After getting married, I gained “happy fat” by going out to eat, staying home to watch movies, and not caring because I didn’t have to impress him anymore. One day I woke up and was 360 lbs. and squeezing into a size 26.

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  • Maline - 107 lbs. Weight Loss

    Maline - 107 lbs. Weight Loss

    In March 2005, my fiancée passed away from acute pancreatitis. This experience was very traumatic for me and I became very depressed and reclusive, only leaving my home to go to work. I gained approximately 140 lbs. I was no longer the person I used to be and didn’t like who I had become. Through the support of my family and mental health physicians, I decided to seek out surgical help for my weight.

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  • Ann - 110 lbs. Weight Loss

    Ann - 110 lbs. Weight Loss

    After having my first child, I began gaining weight and continued to gain for the next 46 years! I thought I might be too old for gastric bypass surgery but Dr. Cottam took me on – 6 weeks shy of my 67th birthday. In the two years since my surgery, I have lost about 110 […]

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  • Artemas - 130 lbs. Weight Loss

    Artemas - 130 lbs. Weight Loss

    I was not always obese. I was thin until I became pregnant with my son at age 25. I gained over 75 lbs. during my pregnancy, and was never able to get the weight off after I gave birth. I tried starving myself, Weight Watchers, Phen-Fen, South Beach Diet, Atkins, etc. All of these resulted in some weight loss, but after a few months the weight would start to creep back on. I continued to gain more and more weight and at my peak I weighed 338 lbs.

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  • Nancy - 72 lb. Weight Loss

    Nancy - 72 lb. Weight Loss

    I have struggled with weight issues ever since my high school days. If I stayed active enough I could stay within my normal weight range, but once I got married and started having children it became harder and harder to keep weight off. As I aged I developed Thyroid issues and my weight continued to go up. I would try dieting and lose some weight, but end up gaining it all back after I stopped.

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