• After Bariatric Surgery, Eat Less Sodium when Dining Out

    After Bariatric Surgery, Eat Less Sodium when Dining Out

    Following bariatric surgery in Salt Lake City, your weight loss surgeon will likely recommend a low-sodium diet consisting of several small healthy meals throughout the day. Unfortunately, it's easier to control sodium intake at home than it is on the go. Knowing how to control sodium intake while dining out at restaurants can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

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  • The Trail to Weight Loss

    The Trail to Weight Loss

    As a patient of a procedure like gastric bypass, lap band or sleeve gastrectomy, adhering to your dietary guidelines will be your primary aid in losing weight, but a solid exercise program is what will help you keep that weight off long term. Those who are just beginning to adopt an exercise routine after bariatric surgery may benefit most from low impact exercises like walking, which will help you burn calories without putting too much pressure on your joints and muscles.

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  • Stand Tall, Live Long

    Stand Tall, Live Long

    If you're a patient of gastric bypass, lap band or sleeve gastrectomy in Salt Lake City, doing some independent online research to supplement your doctor's recommendations on losing weight and staying healthy post-op may be beneficial, but you also need to think about how you're looking for that information. No, I don't mean the way you type searches into Google I'm talking about what your body is likely doing right now: sitting.

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  • Practicing Perfect Portions

    Practicing Perfect Portions

    If you're a patient of gastric bypass or lap band in Salt Lake City, then you understand the importance of portion control. Such weight loss surgeries involve reducing the size of the stomach, and therefore how much food the stomach can hold at once, helping you to eat less, feel more satisfied and lose weight. However, many people might still have difficulty managing perfect portion sizes and often confuse serving size with what portion actually means. Portions will vary depending on your current stomach size and type of surgery, but will typically look like this:

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  • Friends Don't Let Friends Gain Weight

    Friends Don't Let Friends Gain Weight

    If you're a patient of sleeve gastrectomy, lap band or gastric bypass in Salt Lake City, take a minute to think about your best friends. Though you've made a huge step towards a healthier life with bariatric surgery, your buddies may not be making the same progress. This doesn't mean you should start avoiding your overweight friends on the contrary, it means your influence may help them fight their own weight problems.

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  • Building Muscle for Better Health

    Building Muscle for Better Health

    Whether you've had gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or Lap Band surgery in Salt Lake City, working out on a daily basis is equally important. To enhance weight loss and sustain it, bariatric surgery patients need to work physical activity into their new healthy lifestyles. Instead of leaving your workout to consist of typical aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, remember that building muscle is important, too.

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  • Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance

    Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance

    Whether you opted for Lap Band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery in Salt Lake City, one thing remains the same the way that you interpret your health is going to change. Dieting is an entirely different ball game after weight loss surgery. Since your bariatric procedure gives you an advantage, following portion sizes and dietary choices that your weight loss surgeon provides becomes a little less difficult once your stomach is reduced or constricted and you become full after eating just a few ounces of food.

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  • Three Healthy Drinks for a Soda-Free Summer

    Three Healthy Drinks for a Soda-Free Summer

    Patients of gastric bypass and Lap Band in Salt Lake City already know how dangerous soda can be for weight loss, but where are we to turn for flavorful refreshment when the Utah heat dries our thirsty mouths? Though water should always be your first choice for hydration, we often crave something more substantial. Fear not—there are many beverage alternatives out there that have all the flavor with none of the calories, and many of them offer other benefits to boot.

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  • The (Artificially) Sweet Life

    The (Artificially) Sweet Life

    Are sweeteners healthy sugar alternatives or just trouble in a different package? Pink, yellow and blue, their softly-colored packaging invites you to satisfy your sweet tooth without a single calorie. They've been touted by many as safe and enjoyable alternatives to sugar and criticized by others as potential causes of health problems from headaches to cancer.

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  • Lose Weight Rowing in Salt Lake

    Lose Weight Rowing in Salt Lake

    Rowing is touted for its superiority as a sophisticated sport at many Ivy League institutions, but the mental and physical exercise benefits of rowing are often overlooked outside of college campuses. Things are beginning to change as more indoor rowing workshops are surfacing all over the country. You don't have to necessarily go out on the water to reap the weight loss benefits of rowing's full body workout. You can use a rowing machine instead!

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