• Health-Conscious Gadgets to bring on Vacation

    Health-Conscious Gadgets to bring on Vacation

    Just because you're leaving home sweet home in Salt Lake City, Utah on a relaxing summer retreat doesn't mean you should leave your weight loss regimen behind, too. After undergoing bariatric surgery such as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure, sustaining weight loss efforts through physical fitness will help you prepare for long-term success. Vacation or no vacation, your new healthy lifestyle will require you to stay on top and in control of your healthy habits at all times.

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  • Learn How Exercise Affects Your Appetite

    Learn How Exercise Affects Your Appetite

    If you are a gastric bypass surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy patient, you are probably beginning to adjust your dietary habits and rev up your physical fitness activity. But what happens when these two changes begin to clash? Some people who engage in physical fitness become immediately hungry post-workout while others cannot seem to find the room to eat but a few grapes, so what causes these differences?

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  • Moab's New Mountain Bike Trails

    Moab's New Mountain Bike Trails

    With its rolling, rocky dunes and the striking desert beauty of its two national parks Arches and Canyon lands, Moab has long been one of the premiere destinations for the adventure-minded. Many of its trails are of particular interest to mountain biking enthusiasts, who flock there for things like the Slickrock Bike Trail, which attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year.

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  • How long is your drive to work?

    How long is your drive to work?

    When sitting in the car on that half-hour drive to work, you may tap your fingers along with the radio, but that doesn't count as much of a workout. Then you get to work, where you sit at your desk for an average of eight hours, for five days a week. Then there is the drive home, which is never as quick as the morning commute. When you get home you sit down on the couch, already tired from a long day of emails and traffic. Dinner is served at the table, and soon after it is off to bed so that you are rested enough to start it all over the next day.

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  • Four Healthy Whole-Grain Alternatives

    Four Healthy Whole-Grain Alternatives

    If you're a patient of a bariatric procedure like gastric bypass, you're probably used to the search for new and healthy foods that fit into your dietary guidelines. Eating the same things over and over can get quite boring, so finding new, good-tasting foods that contribute to your weight loss diet is an important part of keeping things interesting.

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  • American Food Production is more like a Science Experiment

    American Food Production is more like a Science Experiment

    Have you ever wondered where the foods that end up on your plate actually come from? Before having received a surgical weight loss procedure such as gastric bypass surgery, this may not have been one of your top concerns, but now more than ever it's important for you to make healthy decisions when it comes to the foods you consume on a daily basis.

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  • Stay Fit and Cool with Water Aerobics

    Stay Fit and Cool with Water Aerobics

    You've finally recovered from your duodenal switch, and Salt Lake City's temperature is rising each minute as summer quickly approaches. Staying active is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle after your bariatric surgery, but the summer months can make it almost unbearable to get outside and exercise. Beat the heat and head to an accessible pool for some water aerobics that can help you get fit and stay cool this summer!

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  • Putting Pounds in Perspective

    Putting Pounds in Perspective

    After undergoing duodenal switch in Salt Lake City, your weight loss may be rapid and dramatic. In the first three months after surgery, duodenal switch patients can expect to lose between 40 and 90 pounds. This may lead some people to develop an unhealthy obsession with their scales after DS surgery. Though it is important to keep track of your progress, it's more important to lose weight in the long-term, and the daily ups and downs of your scale can be a huge mental drain that will have you nervous over nothing (especially when weight loss slows at 6 to 9 months post-op). Here are some tips that can help you minimize your stress and put everything into perspective.

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  • Is Gluten-Free Right For Me?

    Is Gluten-Free Right For Me?

    The gluten-free craze started in response to a genuine food allergy: a condition called celiac disease that can cause digestive problems and malnutrition when the small intestine attempts to digest the protein known as gluten. As awareness for the condition spread, many restaurants began to offer gluten-free menus, while more and more gluten-free products made their way to the shelves of grocery stores.

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  • Don't Fall Off the Fitness Plateau

    Don't Fall Off the Fitness Plateau

    After recovering from weight loss surgery such as LAP-BAND, gastric bypass or duodenal switch in Salt Lake City, fitness will become an important part of your daily life. You'll need to start very slowly and cautiously, of course, to build up your strength after surgery, but once you're able to take on more strenuous activities, you're likely to find an exercise routine that works well for you. But what do you do when your progress with a tried and true routine appears to stall?

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