• The Dining Dilemma after Weight Loss Surgery

    The Dining Dilemma after Weight Loss Surgery

    Many people avoid restaurants indefinitely after gastric bypass, but you don't have to. By approaching each dining experience carefully, you can have a great time at any restaurant without making a dietary decision you'll regret. These tips should help you stay happy and healthy when eating out after weight loss surgery.

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  • Set Your Own Bar after Bariatric Surgery

    Set Your Own Bar after Bariatric Surgery

    Weight loss surgery is about a lot more than just achieving a slimmer body. By losing weight and living healthier, you're improving every aspect of your health. The forward steps you make in your fitness program and eating habits may seem insignificant compared to the bright and far-off star of the weight loss goal you're shooting for, but these steps will help you live stress-free, improve your energy level and help you feel better every day. This makes them accomplishments worth celebrating.

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  • Introducing Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

    Introducing Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

    Jumping into an exercise routine too quickly can cause many problems. Recovering from weight loss surgery is a process that should not be rushed. You'll need to follow your weight loss surgeon's instructions on how to best approach your exercise routine and this will most certainly mean a slow start.

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  • Explore Utah after Weight Loss Surgery

    Explore Utah after Weight Loss Surgery

    As you start improving your fitness after a weight loss surgery like gastric bypass, you may think that your workouts need to be confined to a stuffy gym, but burning calories in the great outdoors offers so much more. The fresh air and sunshine are both invigorating and relaxing, helping you reduce stress, improve your concentration and get more out of every workout. When you live in a place like Utah, you have so many opportunities to get fit with Mother Nature that there's no point to force yourself inside for an exercise you don;t love.

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  • For Better Health, Turn to Weight Loss Surgery

    For Better Health, Turn to Weight Loss Surgery

    In Salt Lake City, Lap Band surgery is a popular and effective tool that is helping people to combat the obesity epidemic. Weight loss surgeries like the Lap Band procedure, gastric bypass or duodenal switch operation can not only help in boosting the health of a patient, but self-esteem as well.

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  • The Perfect Salad

    The Perfect Salad

    Salads are a great low calorie meal choice, but basic lettuce is low in nutrients and can take up a lot of space in the stomach. What's more, getting salads from fast food restaurants can actually pack on more calories than some hamburgers, as dressings, cheesy toppings and add-on's like bacon are never a healthy choice to have with your salad. Before you attempt to add salads to your post-Lap Band menu, talk with your bariatric surgeon to make sure it is a healthy choice for you.

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  • Workplace Weight Gain

    Workplace Weight Gain

    Living a sedentary lifestyle is not always the same thing as being a couch potato. There are a lot of people whose lives are active, just not physically. This might sound familiar to you. A long week of work topped off with overtime, an hour commute followed by running errands and helping the kids with their homework leaves little time in the day for you to concentrate on your own health.

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  • Defining Success One Failure at a Time

    Defining Success One Failure at a Time

    Many people who turn to bariatric procedures like gastric band, gastric bypass and the sleeve gastrectomy operations in Salt Lake City have had experience with weight loss failure. Fad diets, exercise programs and over-the-counter miracle pills were all tried in their turn and to no avail. Sometimes the programs worked for a few pounds, but they never stayed off. As soon as you were back to your normal routine the weight came back as well, sometimes with a bit extra to show for it.

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  • DJ Your Way to Weight Loss

    DJ Your Way to Weight Loss

    Take a moment to think about one your favorite songs. If it helps, you can even play one now but focus on the way it makes you feel, the emotions and memories it conjures up. Is it a happy song, a sad song, a fast song, a slow song? Does it get your toes tapping, your heart racing and your blood pumping, or is it pushing you more towards melancholy or introspection?

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  • Dance for Weight Loss Inspiration

    Dance for Weight Loss Inspiration

    Whether you had gastric band, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Salt Lake City, one thing is for certain: you are probably trying to figure out ways to increase your physical activity without heading to the dreaded treadmill. There are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up, your feet moving and your body sweating without giving into mundane exercises—take dancing, for example.

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